Dr. Sonali Sarnobat and Social Service

Having been immensely successful as a Homeopathic Doctor for the past almost two decades, Dr. Sonali Sarnobat has been extremely active in social life for almost a decade. She started out by focusing on Women’s Welfare through her programs like Home Minister which received overwhelming response across Belagavi. Dr. Sonali soon established the Niyathi Foundation which plays a huge role in empowering women from across the sections of society. She has taken up several initiatives like

  1. Mission No Suicide – creating awareness against suicide and instilling confidence among the susceptible youth
  2. Scholarships and education grants to deserving students from underprivileged backgrounds
  3. Mission Atma-Vishwas for boosting the morale of SSLC students
  4. Free Health Screening and Assessment Camps across the Belagavi region
  5. Disaster relief- beginning with helping destitute families and women hit by disaster, the Foundation has played a crucial role in the past few years through its timely aid during the
  • 2019 floods in the Belagavi region by providing food, water, and Healthcare. 
  • Providing essential kits during the 2020 Corona Lockdown
  • Comprehensive distribution of prophylactic Arsenic Album tablets across the entire city and taluka
  • Distributing face masks to police personnel, hand sanitizers, and masks to common people and school children
  • Distribution of groceries and essential commodities kit during the lockdown of 2021 that heavily affected thousands of families. 

As President of BJP Gramantar Mahila Morcha as well as head of the BJP Medical Cell, she has contributed immensely towards society in the past decade. Youth, women, destitute, students, and every other member of society have been touched through the activities initiated by Dr. Sonali Sarnobat. 

Role in dealing with the Pandemic

Dr. Sonali Sarnobat has been leading from the forefront all the activities that would ease the burden of those in need. From organizing the distribution of Arsenic Album tablets that proved highly beneficial in preventing Covid infection in thousands of people, to distributing groceries and essential kits to families who had lost their livelihood, her role in uplifting the lives and bringing a smile to people has been highly appreciated. She helped people secure good treatment, arranged for transportation of patients, made available hospital beds wherever she could, monitored treatment, and took care of scores of families.
Today, whenever there is a crisis or an intervention, people first remember Dr. Sonali because they are sure that she will help them in any which way. That is the credibility and faith that she has earned of the people of Belagavi and the surrounding region through her sheer dedication and service orientation. 

A Dynamic Leader

At a time when women are shining in all fields all over the world and taking up leadership positions, it is heartening to see a dynamic young woman like Dr. Sonali Sarnobat leading the way for the people of Belagavi. As the head of the BJP Mahila Morcha and BJP Medical cell, she has been at the forefront in every single initiative of the party, putting in all her efforts in achieving the vision of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji, under the guidance and with the support from BJP leaders in the city and state. 

Work done as a member of


  1. Registration of all pet shops and Breeders  
  2. Survey of petshops done and breeders  
  3. Survey of district Veterinary hospitals and private veterinary clinics  
  4. Primary meeting for SPCA committee  
  5. Covid time was a difficult time, free fodder and water was made available for goshalas and  stray animals 
  6. Rescue of rare species of an owl was done  
  7. Buffaloes were lacking medical attention in remote areas of Vadgaon, they were provided with medicines and treatment. 
  8. Slaughterhouse in Cantonment area of Belagavi is a major issue which was lacking pollution  board NOC, this was discussed with CEO of Cantonment Mr. Barchaswa and was resolved